Creates a scent unique to your pheromones

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50 ml

Unleash your natural sex appeal and feel your confidence grow.

Fresh bergamot and mint notes and spicy pepper, vetiver, and sandalwood are infused with scientifically-backed ISO E Super, a scent-shifting chemical compound. This fragrance blends with your natural pheromones to unlock a scent unique to you.

Amplifies Attraction

Boosts Confidence

Unique Scent to You


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“A great buy!! I've used a number of fragrances over the years but this has changed the game for me. It smells ace and has given me a right old confidence boost. Would recommend.”

Kieran S.

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This fragrance is your secret weapon that subconsciously draws people to you and makes sure you never go unnoticed. It mixes with your natural pheromones to boost your innate sex appeal, and gives you an irresistibly unique scent that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Apply at your own risk…

Unique to You

Scientifically Backed

Made in the UK

Vegan and Cruelty Free


  • “These fragrances are complete magnets! If you are looking for a signature scent that actually lasts as long as you need it, this is it.

Creates a unique scent

Science that takes you

from spray to spark

Science that takes you from spray to spark

Apply on your pulse points, 30 minutes in advance, to stand out in any crowd and leave a lasting impression. Trust us, you’ll be unforgettable…

Activate: a spray on the skin activates the pheromone-enhancing properties

Enhance: the fragrance interacts with your body chemistry

Attract: subtle scent signals boost your natural sexiness


Your built-in sex appeal.

Pheromones. We all have them. They subconsciously signal your built-in sex appeal to the people around you. Our innovative formula intensifies your unique attraction so you can stand out in a crowd. You’ll smell like the sexiest, most confident version of yourself.

“This stuff is POTENT. One squirts enough to help you bring the heat to date night and my gf says she can smell it on herself the next day. Trust she's a fan 😉”

Alex R.

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Boosts natural sex appeal

Sweet, seductive, uniquely you

Unlike typical pheromone perfumes, we make sure Liquid London fragrances have a base scent as delicious as you are.

Something spicy

Poignant pepper and zesty bergamot

Something fresh

Cool mint and earthy rose

Something seductive

Rich vetiver and musky sandalwood

Something YOU

ISO E Super enhances your natural scent

More confidence, more compliments